"Learn to Love Your Ride"

Online Dressage Training Courses

We're here to educate you and teach you how to make progress on your Dressage Training journey!

The Dressage Training Scale

  • Learn the theory behind correct Dressage training
  • Apply the training scale with specific exercises
  • Give structure and clarity to your Dressage Training program
  • Open for Enrollment in March and September


Amelia's Dressage Academy

  • NEW Monthly workshops on universal Dressage topics
  • Access to past workshops
  • Education, community, and inspiration for your training
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Dressage Rider Position Masterclass

  • Mounted and unmounted exercises to improve your position
  • Focus on each individual aspect your position and understand exactly how to ride
  • Become a more effective and elegant rider
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WHY Amelia's Dressage Academy?

We're here to help YOU on your Dressage Training Journey. Whether you are just learning to ride, riding the FEI levels, or anywhere in between, we offer education, community, and inspiration to keep you motivated and inspired in your daily training!

Learn from the best

Amelia is an accomplished Grand Prix Rider and trainer and is a member of the USEF Developing Program. She has trained several of her students up to the Grand Prix Level and LOVES training horses and riders of all levels .


Amelia has students all over the world! With nearly 40k YouTube Subscribers, 6k members in her private Facebook Group, and 1,200 student in her online courses, Amelia works to make Dressage accessible everyone!

"Dressage for all"


Dressage training is tough and can be discouraging. We offer education and community to keep you motivated inspired and committed to consistent training.  


Here's what people are saying about the courses...

"I was very unsure I could learn things on the computer which would actually physically improve my riding.  Astounding leaps forward in my riding are the result of studying Amelia's insightful, detailed lectures; watching her videos; and working on the exercises she provides. ..  Amelia's PROCESS verses JUST WANTING RESULTS teaching keeps me moving forward from the valley to the peak pattern all riders experience…. Thank you Amelia for the DRESSAGE ACADEMY, your FIRST LEVEL CLASS (I have both), all the effort you put into all your teaching, sharing with the rest of us at such a reasonable cost while helping me to appreciate the life I share with my wonderful horse!" 

-Your 68 year old student, Debi Stevens

"I have been a member of Amelia’s Dressage Academy for several months.  Amelia provides all the information we need to fully understand the focus for the month. She provides groundwork, riding, and writing exercises that address all aspects of a skill or situation.  I work with my riding instructor to implement the things I’m learning.  Oh the progress I have made!  It is directly attributable to my participation in the Academy.  I look forward to our monthly ZOOM meetings and carefully work through the work she gives us throughout the month. 

 Amelia has an amazing ability to explain and help me understand my horse and myself as I work to improve my riding and overall experiences with my horse.  I have greatly benefited from the Dressage Club and Dressage Academy.  I know I am a better rider; I think my horse is happier; I know my horse and I have a more trusting relationship.  It will only get better from here!"

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In addition to our masterclasses, we offer a variety of specialty courses based on the USDF tests:

Training Level Dressage

"Everything you need to know to compete Training Level"


First Level Dressage

"Everything you need to compete First Level Dressage"


Second Level Dressage

"Everything you need to compete Second Level"